People’s Choice Award

Best of the show- “A Special Place in My Memory”, Watercolor, Lori Price


First Place- “A Special Place in My Memory”, Watercolor, Lori Price
Second Place- “New Shoes”, Oil, Roy Reynolds
Third Place- “When the Corn Leaves Curl”, Watercolor, Craig Harris
Honorable- “Untitled”, Litho Print, Brandon Gunn


First Place– “Grace”, Oil, J. M Russel
Second Place- “Carousel”, Photography, Joslyn McNair
Third Place- “Asleep at the Mount of Transfiguration”, Pastel, Laurie J. Penrod
Honorable mention- “The Path”, Acrylic & Ink, Nelly Ricks


First Place- “Night Circus”, Printmaking, Clair Shaw
Second Place– “Violin”, Oil, Ruth Comeau
Third Place– “It’s all about the Dance”, Oil, Addison Konoelani Graham
Honorable mention- “Pieces of the Valley”, Oil, David Clayton


First Place– “Latin Flower”, Watercolor, Amy Silva
Second Place– “Owls”, Kassidy Russell
Third Place- #12 Beatles pencil drawing
Honorable mention- “Fading Whisper”, Photography, Breanna Stein